Here is a full list of settings allowed by Globus Portal Framework. Adding these settings to your own file will override the defaults below.

General Settings

General settings should apply to most portals.

# Configure the general title for your project
PROJECT_TITLE = 'My Project'

Auth Settings

# Tells Django where your projects login url is
# Useful for using the ``@login_required`` decorator on custom views
LOGIN_URL = '/login/globus'

# Get your keys at ''
# Login is managed primarily by python-social-auth
SOCIAL_AUTH_GLOBUS_KEY = '<your_Globus_Auth_Client_ID>'
SOCIAL_AUTH_GLOBUS_SECRET = '<your_Globus_Auth_Client_Secret>'

# Tells Django how to authenticate users

# Can be used to customize Gloubs Auth.
# setting access_type to offline enables refresh tokens.
# WARNING: This can be dangerous.
    'access_type': 'offline',

# Set scopes what user tokens to request from Globus Auth

Search Settings

  • SEARCH_INDEXES – The main listing of search indexes in your portal

# Number of search results that will display on the search page before paginating
# Max number of pages to display

# Default query if no user search or saved session search.
# Note: This will be slow for an index with a lot of search data.
# Filtering behavior to use for searching across indices.
# Note: Can be overrided by per-index settings.


# Setting for which Globus Portal Framework template set you should use.
# Mostly for backwards compatibility, but allows for a fully custom set of
# templates.
BASE_TEMPLATES = 'globus-portal-framework/v2/'

# General Template settings. Full example listed for reference, but only
# the last three context_processors are relevant
        'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates',
        'DIRS': [],
        'APP_DIRS': True,
        'OPTIONS': {
            'context_processors': [
                # Social Django context processors for login
                # Globus Portal Framework general context for search indices
                # and other general context per-template.

Under the Hood

Modify default client loading behavior. Typically only used in [DGPF Confidential Client]( ` GLOBUS_CLIENT_LOADER = 'globus_portal_framework.gclients.load_globus_client' `